Volunteer Information and Application Form

Bayt Abdullah Children’s Hospice (BACCH) aims to provide the highest standard of multi-professional care and support to children with life limiting or life threatening illnesses who are residing in Kuwait. We are a charity organization that requires volunteers to facilitate the different events that help make our facilities and services assessable to those in need.

BACCH Volunteers should :

  • Be positive
  • Attentive to the child and family’s needs
  • Culturally aware
  • Collaborative and empathetic
  • Helpful and proactive

There are three different volunteering opportunities at BACCH: Day-to-day, raising awareness, and supporting events.

Day-to-day: These roles include but are not limited to helping out in the Library, Cafeteria, Teaching and organisational support. Gardening, Play, Sports activities, Art, Drama and Music.

Raising awareness by taking part in fund raising events such as promotional booths in campaigns.


Welcoming Team:Help sign them in, direct them to the appropriate areas of Bayt Abdullah and answer any esquires.

Ushers: They are the backbone of any Event and are key to the success of the Event.

Event’s facilitators: Ensuring the safety of all attendees and assisting them when needed.

Buddy – is assigned to individual families or guests to help them enjoy the event taking into consideration their individual needs.

Please list your preferred role on the following sheet from 1-5, 1 meaning extremely interested. Please email the completed sheet, along with a CV, and any questions you may have to volunteer@bacch.org. All volunteers must go through an interview process and specified training.

Volunteer Application Form

All information will be kept confidential and is for Bayt Abdullah Children’s Hospice purposes only.

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  • Note:-Applicants need certification for teaching
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All Volunteers will report directly to the Volunteer Coordinator unless otherwise directed by the Volunteer Coordinator.

All volunteers will respect our privacy concerns and abide by the regulations represented in the confidentiality agreement.