KACCH, the Kuwait Association for the Care of Children in Hospital, is a voluntary non-governmental organisation which aims to reduce the stresses of hospitalisation on children and their families by providing a supportive child-friendly environment with appropriate play opportunities to facilitate optimal growth and development and to prepare children and their families for their medical procedures by using play to help them understand their experiences in hospital. These Child Life programmes are organised by Child Life Specialists who assess the emotional and developmental needs of the children and plan interventions using play materials to meet their individual requirements. The Child Life Programme is supported by Play Leaders and volunteers who provide developmentally appropriate play to normalise the environment for children in hospital. They maintain a safe child-focused environment where play occurs naturally.

KACCH Executive Committee

Lamia Al-Abdulkareem
Mary Dempsey
Rabia Al-Issa
Suad Al-Muffarij
Hayfa Al-Mughni
Intisar Al-Sabah
Margaret Al-Sayer
Christine Shaban
Altaf Sultan
Adelah Al-Sumait
Kim Al-Yousifi

Our Mission

To advocate for the provision of child-friendly and family-centred services and facilities on all paediatric wards and other areas of hospitals where children are treated in order to reduce the adverse effects of hospitalisation on children and their families.

Goals and Objectives

Our Philosophy

We believe in upholding the rights of the child as declared in the UN Charter of 1989, to which Kuwait is a signatory. These include the right of every child to receive expert health care delivered whenever possible, by paediatric trained physicians and nurses, within family and child-focused facilities.

Our Objectives

  • To minimise the stressful impact of hospitalisation and illness on the child and family in hospital.

  • To facilitate optimal growth and development of the child in hospital.

  • To prepare children and their families for their health care experiences.

  • To communicate effectively to other members of the health care team.

  • To ensure the continuity of the Child Life programme within health care settings in Kuwait.

  • To share our knowledge and expertise with similar organisations locally, regionally and internationally.

  • To recognise when hospital is not the optimum health care setting for the child and to advocate for the provision of paediatric palliative care at home or in a children’s hospice as well as in the hospital, so that parents can choose where they wish to care for their child with a life-limiting or life-threatening condition.